Anis – a cozy little French restaurant
tucked away in the outskirts of Shibuya. 
Take a leisurely 5-minute stroll from the station
down the busy shopping street.
A peek through the glass windows into the warmly lit space
reveals a tall counter wrapped around an open kitchen.
As night falls, a slow-cooked piece of meat to share
rests atop the flattop grill,
waiting patiently to delight tonight’s guests.

Anis prides itself on meat dishes.
Every morning, a fine selection of meat arrives from
trusted producers and hunters around Japan.
Cooked very slowly and gently,
or occasionally grilled over a big flame
to get a silky, sensual, and succulent texture,
or maybe rustic, wild, and primitive flavor.
No sauces - the juices within are all you need.

And vegetable dishes.
Vegetables bursting with vitality,
grown at the hands of Japan’s best farmers
who we have met on our journeys around the country.
Braised, sautéed, or simply blanched –
minimal touches help these vegetables
show off their deliciously rich flavors.

If you get the chance,
please take a stroll through the neighborhood
and open the door to our restaurant.
For meat lovers,
and vegetable lovers alike,
or if you just love eating delicious food in a casual setting,
we are sure you will be delighted by Anis.

Copyright(c) Anis All rights reserved.